How To Be A Millionaire Internet Entrepreneur [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to get rich, How To Be A Millionaire Internet Entrepreneur [INFOGRAPHIC]
Although we learn a lot in schools, but not all the subjects and aspects relevant to our life. And one of them is 'How to become a millionaire'. Want to know how to get rich? And What are the secrets behind the successful millionaires? Take a look at below infographic titled 7 traits internet millionaires have in common.
7 Traits internet millionaires have in common, How To Be A Rich Internet Marketer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have their own website - According to mike Filsaime, 90% of the online marketers who make $100,000 a month and above have their own product or membership site or both.

Publish Own Book - Many Internet Millionaires surveyed usually would go on to publish their own physical book to reach the offline market.

Outsource - While majority of the internet Millionaires do not run a conventional office, most rely on outsourcing their day-to-day operations to virtual assistant in countries such as India and Philippines.

- Every Internet millionaire has an unmoving and goal-setting persona. This goes to show that attitude truly determines your altitude!

Have a list - All online marketers who are generating a 5 figure monthly income have a mailing list of their own.

Run own seminar - At the pinnacle of the information publishing business, when working from home or a random Starbucks outlet proves too small to house the growing business, Internet entrepreneurs ironically abandon the 'do com' lifestyle to go into this demanding phase.

Joint venture - This is testament that while you can go into business alone, you cannot reach the star by working alone.

infographic by: technikest
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