How Facebook Users Consume News On Their Feed [INFOGRAPHIC]

News Feed On Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]. How Facebook Users Consume News On Their Feed

This infographic by international business times explore how Facebook is changing how people consume news on their feed. Like 30% of US adults consume news on Facebook, while of the 30% who do consume news on Facebook: 78% users mostly see news when they're on Facebook for other reasons, and 22% think of Facebook as a useful way to get a news.
Whether or not people on Facebook are seeking for real news on their feeds, most of them do see news stories on it. Know more how this social media site is changing how people get news, and the sorts of news they end up consuming.

While only 20% of all Facebook users are aged 18-29, this group forms 34% of all Facebook news consumers. This group is also less engaged than older users are on other news platforms.

About half of those who consumer news on Facebook see stories on at least six different topic areas. Here's how often different news categories show up in Facebook news consumers' newsfeeds.
  • 73 percent Entertainment
  • 65% People and events in my community
  • 57% sports
  • 55% National Government and politics
  • 51% crime
  • 46% Health and medicine
  • 44% local govt. and politics
  • 42% local weather and traffic
  • 39% International news
  • 37% science and technology
  • 31% business

While Facebook news consumers are more likely to click on news stories about topics they're interested in, the source of the news story ranks quite low among the reasons people follow a link to a news story. Here are the most popular reasons why people click through to the full story:

  • I was interested in the topic: 70%
  • The story seemed entertaining or funny: 51%
  • The story was surprising or unexpected: 50%
  • The story was something I'd been following: 45%
  • A friend recommended the story: 37%
  • The story was from a news organization I prefer: 20%
  • The story had a lot of comments or "likes"
Less that a third of Facebook news consumers said that they preferred news that shared their point of view, slightly higher than the national average of 27% of US adults who said the same.

Only 16% of all Facebook users said that news was a major reason they logged on the site. Here are some of the other reasons why people log on.

  • See what family and friends are up to: 68%
  • See photos and videos from family and friends: 62%
  • Chat or message with friends and family: 38%
  • Share photos and videos: 28%
  • Post personal updates: 17%
  • Get news 16%
  • Play games 14%
Only 10% of all Facebook users said that it bothers them when people post opinions about news stories. In contrast, 52% were bothered when people share information that is too personal. here are some of Facebook users' pet peeves.

  • When people share too-personal information: 52%
  • When people brag or complain: 47%
  • When people post too many times a day: 37%
  • When people post political statements: 23%
  • When people post news stories: 10%
  • When people post pictures of kids or pets: 7%
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