5+ Reasons Your Business Should be on Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

5+ Reasons Your Business Should be on Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]
Second only to Facebook as far as users, Google+ has become a force to be reckoned with in the social world. With a clean interface, game changing features like hangout and groundbreaking search integration, it's the place to be if you want your business to be ahead of the marketing world. Have a look at below infographic that I've designed in collaboration with Socialclinch titled 5+ plus reasons your business should be on Google+.
5+ Reasons Your Business Should be on Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Google+ Glossary For Businesses

Circles - Unique to Google+, circles are customizable groups of people that YOU create. Organize contacts by friends, clients, competitors, and more to easily target and share your content.

Hangouts - Simple and easy to use, Hangouts are Google+ popular take on video chat. Each hangout allows for up to 10 participants and can be recorded and shared publicly via Hangout on air.

Pages - Create a page to promote your business within Google+ and your local community. You can share content, create and join Hangouts, +1 comments and photos and add or group people Circles.

Search Plus Your World - When a user enables "Search plus your world", their Google searches will incorporate both Internet and personal results pulled from content that people in their circles have "+1-ed" or shared on Google+.

Communities - Users can form and join public or private communities to connect around shared interests - like small business! Community members can post media, host Hangouts, plan events, and more.

Trending - users can look in the "Trending on Google+ section of their home page to follow the most popular hashtags and topics being discussed on Google+ each day."

Ripples - Ripples are interactive graphics that map out how many times a public post or URL is shared on Google+. Use Ripples to see what posts are shared most, how they're shared and by whom.

What you post on Google+ goes beyond your page, your content can appear in your customers' Google searches! Create how-to videos,  enage by +1 or comment on posts from your community, or simply use #Hashtags to make your business more findalbe.

Latest Statistics about Google+

Total number of Google+ accounts as per November, 2013: 1.116 Billion. Via plus.miernicki.com
Number of monthly active Google+ users 540 million. Via Marketingland
Number of people who visit Google+ content stream each month: 300 million. Via Marketingland


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