How To Get Shared On Facebook: 16 Ideas To Grow Viral Sharing And Visibility [infographic]

Have you ever wondered how to get more followers on Facebook?
Are you looking for some tactics to increase your fan page reach and engagement? In this infographic (by Squirrly), you will learn 16 tips and ideas on how to effectively promote your business on Facebook and how to drive more traffic.

How To Get Shared On Facebook: 16 Ideas To Grow Viral Sharing And Visibility [infographic] - Boost your facebook page visibility and fan base.

Add Facebook like button to your blog

This is absolutely the best way to get more engaging followers. Use Facebook developer to get "like" button or, install "AddThis" smart layer to show your blog visitors that you are so "social".

Add your Facebook page link to other social sites

For example - Twitter, Pinterest, Google, etc. allows you to associate your Facebook page in their description box, so that curious readers can connect with you on Facebook.

Be consistent!

Post at least 6 times a week so your readers keep coming back for more.

Time Is Shares

Find out the best time to post for your business. For example retailers get the most out of posting between 8 am and 2 pm. Use Facebook Insights for this.

Use Like-able Images

Attach clear and quality photos or videos to text only updates.


Keep It Short and Simple. Post between 100-150 characters get up to 60% more likes, comments and shares than linger posts. If you are sharing links use URL shortner like

Be Relevant!

Your content should focus on your audience's needs, ask them "what they like" to ensure you aren't loosing their interest.

Use Your Own Voice

Your audience likes you for who you are. Keep the same tone and style in your Facebook posts and updates.

Call To Action

Encourage your readers to Share, Comment and Like. This will also increase your page reach.

Be Innovative With Apps

To make users more involved, you can use apps in contests, surveys, forms or promotions.

Have A Sense Of Urgency

Include fast quotes or tips and tricks for your friends on Facebook.

Give Valuable Content

Always ask yourself if your fans find value in what you write.

Entertain Your Fans

Use the type of media that triggers your audience. Videos, memes or whatever makes them smile.

Be Educated

Fans and friends love to learn from tutorials and how to posts. It's really easy to link the detailed content on Facebook.

Create Lists

Most shared posts have titles like "6 steps to..." or "10 things...". Plus lists, in the form of PDF or  infographics, are great for sharing.

Adapt To The Season

Make your post fit the season, when it's published or the upcoming holidays.

Infographic courtesy:  Squirrly
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