How To Answer Your Customers' Questions With Compelling Content: 12 Tenets of Content Creation [infographic]

How To Answer Your Customers' Questions With Compelling Content: 12 Tenets of Content Creation: [infographic]
Usually when we hear about content marketing, we often think it is all about creating a high quality content. But the fact is, most of the content we've created do not satisfy our audience. That means we aren't handling our customers strategically.
So how to answer your customers' questions with compelling content. To get you answer, see following cool infographic by Placester called 12 Tents of content creation.

How To Answer Your Customers' Questions With Compelling Content: 12 Tenets of Content Creation: [infographic]


Social media, email, telephone... Wherever (and whenever) your customers ask questions, you should be there listening. These questions will serve as the fuel for your content creation strategy.

Make a list

List out of the questions your customers commonly ask. A 30-minute brainstorm session should yield at least 50 customer questions.

Address every question

Even you can't directly answer a question, take the time to provide some insight around it. From an SEO perspective, search engines aren't looking for an exact answer; they're looking for content that addresses the question.

Research keywords

For each question on your list, do some keyword research to figure out what keywords and long tail phrases you should be targeting. After all, folks need to be able to find your content in order for it to be helpful.

Pay attention to titling

Titles are like mini calls-to-action that compel people to click. To help folks click into your incredibly useful content, dedicate time to coming up with great titles that incorporate your target keywords.

Be Honest

Always your customers' questions honestly, even if they pertain to 'taboo' topics (like problems or issues with your businesses' products/services).

Talk about the competition

It's no secret; Your prospective customers are going to compare you with your competitors online. So, if this competition conversation is going to happen anyway, wouldn't you rather have it happen at your house (a.k.a on your blog)?

Use the 'VS' format

A great way to create content around your competition is with the 'vs' format: "You vs. them", "Your services vs. their services", etc. Create a "vs" post for each and every one of your competitors. Don't go out of your way to make the other guy look bad: Just stick to the facts.

Write about "The Best"

How often have you typed in "Best [fill-in-the-black]" when you searching for a product or service online? By writing reviews or ratings of the best businesses in your industry, you can own the results for this common search while also providing prospective customers with helpful information.

Be clear and concise

Don't create content to improve folks or to sound clear...create content to educate! The goal isn't to show off your genius-level intellect by suing big words. So keep it simple and make sure your audience can understand all of the information you're trying to convey.

Keep on creating

Well all known that having more content on your site can help your search rankings. But more importantly, you should keep creating content so you can be the best resource out there. Once a potential customer lands on your site to learn the answer to one question, make sure they can find answers to other questions to!

Be fearless

Never make a content marketing decision out of fear. You might worry about talking about the competition or revealing too much about your products or services. Don't. When it comes to content, you should only worry about being the best resource that you can possibly be.

image source: flickr
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