Top Five Leading Brands of 2013 (infographic)

Top Five Leading Brands of 2013 (infographic)
Thank to the modern technology, growing communications are constantly increasing between businesses and customers. Nowadays the immense use of social networking sites has provided even a bunch of ways to promote a brand, and aspects such as persona and potential paramount in building brand success.
The team at Millward Brown has released their annual research results that highlight the world's most valuable 100 brands. The following infographic will highlight the world's top 5 leading brands in 2013.

Top Five Biggest Brands of 2013 (infographic)
Apple is the number 1 and most influential brand in the world, because of its innovation. And No. 2 is Google due to its authenticity. No third in IBM due to its consistency. On number four is McDonald and fifth Coca-Cola.
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