30 Stats Every Digital Marketer Should Know [infographic]

30 Stats Every Digital Marketer Should Know [infographic]It's essential for digital marketers to keep up with trends in their industry, so they can decide how to allocate campaign resources and how to plan their next marketing strategy. That's why myoptimind designed this infographic that covers 30 latest digital marketing trends that you should know.

30 Stats Every Digital Marketer Should Know [infographic]
image source: After6creatives.com/the-role-of-digital-in-marketing-campaigns

Use of email in mobile and tablet has increased 80 percent over the last six months.

The average return on investment for every single dollar that spent on email marketing is more than 44 dollars.

85 percent of people prefer to provide their email for an eBook than paying with a tweet.

Blogs with useful content are 63 percent more likely to impact purchase decisions than magazines.

5 times more traffic have raised for companies who blogs 15 times per month.

Articles that contain pictures get 94 percent more views.

Sites that use infographics get 12% more exposure.

58 percent of viewers watch only first 90 seconds of videos.

Videos get 267 percent more shares and links than posts that contain text or images.

The average buyer seeks for 11 consumer experiences/reviews before purchasing a product.
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