Infographic: Checklist For Optimizing Twitter Profile

Infographic: Checklist  For Optimizing Twitter Profile [infographic]
It's no secret that people come across the Twitter for latest news, trends, tips, entertainment, and surely for connecting and socializing. A recent study shows that, there are more than 200M daily active users, sending 400M tweets on daily basis. From the point of business, besides crafting useful tweets and engage-worthy content, having an awesome profile is also essential because it is the first thing people see. This infographic explore the dos and don'ts and some best practices of an ultimate twitter profile you should not miss.
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The Ultimate Twitter Profile Checklist Infographic

Twitter profile checklist

Profile background

Have a bold, dynamic, custom Twitter profile background (PNG) recommended; centered, smaller than 2MB). Include a side bar (upper left hand corner) with a company logo contact information, etc. (200 PX).

Twitter profile + Header and image

Include a one-line bio, web address, location, support number, call-to-action. Follow us to talk about all things social media marketing related. Ensure the header image (520x260 px) is clear and/or dark enough to allow for legible text below.

Profile picture 

Upload clear, legible company logo, one that's easy to identify as a thumbnail (81x81 px).


Follow people in your industry, but don't follow everyone - There are limits after all.

Direct messages

Avoid sending automated direct messages - It lacks the personal nature that makes Twitter engaging.


The trends list is the perfect place to kick-start a conversation or simplify a message on Twitter and beyond.

Tweeting Best Practices

  • Tweet timely, positive content that inspires, entertains and informs. Include industry news, hot topics and what's happening with your business.
  • Tweet unique information about your company that followers can only get on Twitter (that is behind-the-scenes photos, Twitter-only promos, etc.).
  • Interact with followers - Respond, answer or ask questions, say thank you, help solve problems, and make comments.
  • Retweet favorite tweets from others (not just positive tweets about your own business).
  • Tweet photos and videos via Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest vine, etc. Tweets with images drive double the engagement.
  • Use hashtags occasionally but don't overuse them - one or two is plenty.
  • Use a URL shortener - Twitter shorten links, however, you can also use a tool like
  • Follow your competitors and search for industry keywords on Twitter or to gain insights and hone your strategy.
  • Don't inundate followers with too many tweets. Brands with the most engagement tweeted 1-5 times a day. Schedule them throughout the day.
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