Are You Sad [Infographic]

Are You Sad [Infographic], how to overcome the sadness.

Are you sad? Do you want to be sad? This simple infographic helps you to find out whether you are sad or not? Or if so, then how to get rid of it in a few easy steps.

Are You Sad [Infographic], how to overcome the sadness. and feel happy

Sadness is a state of very bad feeling of helplessness and loss, so how to overcome this state - just change something and try something new.

Let me know your thoughts and tips in the comment section that how to get rid of sadness?

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  1. Thank-you for sharing.
    There is a typo in the picture, it says "do you want to be said" where it should be: 'do you want to be sad'.

  2. Thank you Kourosh Pourdanandeh, much appreciate. Now I've fixed it.