A Complete Guide To Social Media Posting [infographic]

A Complete Guide To Social Media Posting [infographic]
With the rise of so many social networking sites and apps, chances are, you are managing different accounts with different profiles on multiple platforms. But each platform has its own unofficial tactics and rules that can be difficult to follow and remember.
So how to get the most out of your social media efforts, to help you out the team at MyCleverAgency put together an infographic that illustrates how to make a perfect social media post to get maximum exposure.

A Complete Guide To Social Media Posting [infographic]


Provide interesting and click-able content, including latest updates with short description. Images get more engagement than text be sure to add 800x600 photo. Reply to comments and engage with your audience, be available and stay positive.


Give a clear call to action with in 140 characters. Use URL shortener, engage and build your audeince by asking questions, mention and retweet other's content.


Use eye-catching and color full infographics and images. Repin other's pin. Make categorized boards and at least add 5 pins daily.


Take part in trending topics, join and contribute to relevant communities, reply and plus one to comments, use 800x600 px pictures, mention big brands.


Editing - Use applications like Snapseed or Camera+ for better image results. Once you get used to editing your feed will have a consistent look and feel.

Rule of third - Putting the subject of the photo in only two thirds of the screen makes it more attractive to the eye.

Captions - Use relevant photo captions to grab the attention of people and include questions to drive comments.

Use hashtags - There's always some random hashtags that come round once a week or so, so maybe be aware of them of you want to loads of engagement.

Reply - Engage with people who have commented on your photos to drive two way conversations. Keep the comments to a conversational level rather than pushing sales.


Hashtags - Be Aware of popular hashtags such as loop and how-to to gain the most engagement, new users normally start at the hashtags.

Be still - Buy tripod. A Vine video with a shaky camera can be annoying and you'll lose the affect you're going for.

Infinite loop - Master the infinite loop (a video that will seamlessly loop forever). To achieve this, your final scene needs to flow back into your original scene.

Be wise - Don't rush creating your Vines! Even though you've only got 6 seconds to play with take your time and execute professionally, don't try and cram too much in. Remember you can't edit clips!

Find your style - People who've stood out on Vine are the ones who have their own style and nailed it. Think about what you love the most and portray it in 6 seconds.

Background noise - Possibly the hardest element to control but try to keep a steady hand and minimize the noise of where you're shooting.

Best time to post on social media platforms

Facebook -  Best time 1Pm - 4Pm    | Worst time 8pm - 8Am.
Google+ -   Best time 9Am - 11Am  | Worst time 6Pm - 8Am.
Twitter -     Best time 1Pm - 3Pm     | Worst time 8Pm - 9Am.
Pinterest -   Best time 2Pm - 4Pm   | Worst time 5Pm - 7Pm.
LinkedIn -   Best time 7Am - 9Am   | Worst time 10Pm - 6Am
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