How Small Businesses Can Increase Their Customers' Spend

How Small Businesses Can Increase Their Customers' Spend
Customers are willing to spend more with people and businesses who give them a great experience to continually come back. Read 10 more simple tips that small businesses can implement to increase their customers' spend.

How Small Businesses Can Increase Their Customers' Spend

Consider your customers' interests. Strategically display items or services that complement each other in pairs or sets. If you work in fashion retail? Feature multiple items like dresses with a matching necklaces, shoes, or scarves. Customers are more likely to buy multiple items if they can see how they go together.

Offer deals that allow more spending, not just an individual discount, like buying items in groups or combos. Remind customers what they save when they buy in Groups.

Be mindful of your store layout and ambiance; it can increase the likelihood of more purchases. Make people want to stay shop, and enjoy your business. For a cafe, the longer your customer lingers, the more likely they will have the urge to buy a muffin, or a sandwich after their coffee.
Walgreens positions their pharmacy in the back of their store so customers are able to browse through their other items while going into pick up your prescription.

If you offer a loyalty program, upsell to earn the customer more rewards. Let the customer know if they spend just $8 more they will earn their $5 credit. Have options in the $10 - 20 range right at the point of sale to not only get them to their reward, but they may also end up spending a little bit more.

Add variety or expand your top selling items or services. If iced tea is your best selling beverage, offer peach, mango and other options the customers may like.

Upsell the larger size or better service for a slight price increase. If your customer likes it, they are usually happy to get more if it sounds like a good deal.

Advertise exclusive loyalty program incentives to current members. Set exclusive or special sales where customers can earn double or triple rewards points to use for cash on their next purchase.

Take notes on each customer about previous purchases so you can suggest other items they might like.

Be an expert at your service or products. Make purchase recommendations specifically tailored to your customers.

Develop genuine relationships with each and every customer. 3 out of 4 customers have spent more with a company because of positive experiences.

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  1. Great infographic with actionable points. Important one to note "Develop genuine relationships with each and every customer"

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