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I am on several forums where there are bloggers, young entrepreneurs who are still confused on blogging. I have been privileged to discuss with some of these bloggers, and there are several questions that keep coming in between below discussion, and that is:

How can we make our blog professional?
Because when coaching newbie bloggers, am always emphasizing on the point of building a professional and quality blog that will gain you respect online, a blog that will make your voice counts! But this can only be achieved if you build a professional blog from the scratch, not by buying some blogs off flippa and you think you are set!

Here is my sincere opinion in building a professional blog; I do think building a Professional blog is really simple, most bloggers think that it is a myth, but I tell you, it is a capital NO, you can turn your blog into a professional blog, it all begins with YOU.

Before I start  giving out tips on building a professional blog, I would love to share with you here, what a blog is.

10 Tips to building a professional blog:

This is funny but the truth , most bloggers DON'T know or can define what a blog is, so let me do that for you,

1. What is a Blog?

A blog is a kind of journal that consists of texts, images, media objects and data arranged chronologically and can be viewed in Html browser.
Most blogs are normally or mostly written on a particular topic (what we bloggers call Niche).

2. What to blog about?

So if you are really serious about becoming a professional blogger, then you should select the right path on which to start with. The biggest reason why most bloggers abandon their blogs after a few days/week or months is because they are not targeting any niche or topic!

This is one of the major reasons why after some times, most bloggers leave their blog, because there is no zeal, so take the first advice to building a content-healthy blog, and that is:

Blog on What You Love! Just like a relationship, you need to love what you are talking about, since you will need to talk ceaselessly about it, e.g. Sports, business, career ideas. Most people enter into blogosphere just to make money fast, they always thought that making money online is magic, but the truth is that it takes time, gradual process, just like an offline business.

Please note that a wrong move can make serious problems in the near future and so you need to get your steps right. You need to be more focused and show determination as this will make it easier for you to become a professional blogger.

3. What is the blog is about?

To start a professional blog, you need to ask yourself what the blog would be about. You need to have remarkable writings.

If you still have not figured out what to blog about, you may spend a couple of months switching between topics which is actually a waste of precious time.

4. Pick a perfect domain name:

Picking a good domain name is very essential since most of the time it will be the first point of contact to the audience. Your name should be easily memorable and give an idea of what the blog is about.
Once this is done, you need to register it and get a hosting package.

5. Consistency in the format and topic

After deciding on what to blog about, you need to maintain consistency in the format and the topic of the blog. You can either be a curator of news, or be a primary content source. A curator often blogs throughout the day  with links and snippets. They need to be always updated about the occurrences around. This would make them have many readers as people always look forward to what new thing is on the way.

6. Have a regular blogging habit

This is the hardest thing about writing a professional blog. You should take it as a central part of your job and get it done. Once you get past the first couple of months and covered many topics, coming up with a new topic seems a little bit harder and one tends to relax.

7. Explore topics deeply

While writing about a certain topic, explore more about that particular topic as this would turn out to be of great interest to your readers. Do not guess that something would be obscure to your readers but instead put it down as long as you feel it is something that might be catchy.

8. Implement universal reader acquisition designs for blogs:

It is a good idea to try using some keywords for a topic if it is possible. It is also a good idea to add your main keywords in your blog title, blog post and the sort of things you would love to rank for.

9. Look at your Analytics on a daily basis

This helps you to analyze some of your passive users who do not leave any comments. This helps you know how to offer better stuffs of their interests.

10. Make it a fun

Lastly, do not overdo it. You can as well take a short break if you feel stressed or fatigued, just like in a leisure activity.

Now, use these tips above and build your blog into a professional blog, not only that, but into a business, as for me, my blog is not just a blog, but MY business, since it brings in income, I must spend time, resources to take it to a higher height.

Okay, what do you think of this tip on how to build a professional blog?

Please use the comment box below let's share our ideas together on how to build a successful blog.

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