How To Make Money Online By Writing Meaningful Articles

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Making money from writing articles does require a great deal of work but it's one of the most reliable methods to make money online because the demand for new unique content is outstanding. If you can provide original content for website owners, they are ready to part with their income for it, and it is sure one of the fastest way to make quick money on the internet. Not only can you write articles for people, you can choose to publish them on websites where you get paid recurring earnings for the impression your articles generate per month.

Step 1 – Choose Monetization Method

First you need to decide how you wish to monetize your articles. You have many options:

Build a blog

You could create your own blog and start posting articles. The number of articles will soon add up and you will start having traffic which is related to your niche. This is why you must do a thorough keyword research first and make sure that you are targeting a profitable niche with the lowest competition possible. You can add Google Adsense to your blog as a mean to earn money from your articles. It does take some time to get started but once you have your blog ranked high in Google results, your effort will start to pay off and don’t forget that this will become a passive income, you will always get paid for the same articles each time someone clicks one of your ads. Also you can build a portfolio-blog to sell your articles directly to people who are interested in buying new unique content.

Write articles as a freelancer

There are many sites where you can sign up for free and sell your articles as a freelancer. This way you don’t have to worry about ranking your articles in Google search, you get paid to sell your article to the customer. But keep in mind that this does not mean that you won’t have to do some basic keywords research as everyone wants articles that are search engine optimized. Some of the best places to join to write articles as a freelancer is elance, odesk, freelancer, and iwriter. The demand for original articles is so strong that you can even sell them on Fiverr. The best part is that you determine your rates and your delivery time. It’s very important to maintain a high quality level for your articles no matter which method you choose to monetize them. This is the only way to have long term success and it will help you increase your income more than anything.

Write articles for hubpages

As a monetization method, writing articles for hubpages is very similar with building a blog and utilizing Google Adsense. But instead of building your blog to post your articles and gain clicks to your ads, you are posting your articles to hubpages.  First you need to sign up. Then you go to “my account”  “affiliate settings” and you can add your Adsense ID. After you have done a basic keyword research you can write and post your first article (hub). If your keyword research was thorough and you successfully implemented those keywords in your article, you should start receiving visitors in less than 24 hours. Every time someone clicks on your ads you will gain a commission exactly the same way that you would if this was your blog. High quality content is always a big plus, if the visitors really like your article they are more likely to find more content that you write. This means more page views for your articles and even more profit from your ads.

Step 2 – Do Your Keyword Research

There are hundreds of sites where you can sell and monetize your articles, but no matter which one you choose, before you even start writing an article you should always do a basic keyword research. Most newbies who are getting started faulted in this area, they just move up and start a blog without sitting down to ask themselves this simple questions. “what am I going to write about?” “If I write about this, will I be able to rank and get the attention my website needed?”. You can see this mistake in almost every newbies. Personally I have seen websites where the Author writes about Tech and SEO and sometimes Entertainment. Honestly speaking, you need to focus on one Area first and when you have garner a lot of attention in that area, you can add other Niche to your website or start a new one dedicated to your new niche. Also, it is important that you check the competition before going for it. A newbie who don’t know anything about SEO yet will find it difficult to rank a website on “weight loss niche” or “make money online niche”, so go a little deeper when doing your keyword research and you will see goldmine that you can rank easily.

Good writers will expertly weave keywords into an article. They may also include images that match the article topic and links to other relevant pages. You can consider facts, figures and other supporting information to create an informative and useful article that your audience will want to read. There are lots of software for checking keyword competitions. Like Google Keyword research tool, where you can perform keyword research and lots more.

Step 3 – Proofread Your Article Before Submitting It For Publication

Proofreading is the most important step after the actual writing. A professional writer will deliver an error-free article that flows will and makes sense. Even the most experienced copywriters proofread their articles before they post them. This is the only way to ensure the quality of your article and to protect yourself from silly mistakes which can easily be avoided. And proofread again! Make sure everything has been posted correctly! And you are done!

Like I said in the beginning, that writing-articles is the one of the easiest way to make money online. But If article writing is not your style, you can also see 13 scam free ways to make money from the internet.

Things to Remember before Writing Meaningful Articles

  1. 700 plus Words - A well-written online article should be at least 500 - 700 words.
  2. Original content - Duplicate content might fool your readers, but it won't fool Google. Original content is a must for getting the attention of search engine traffic.
  3. Social engagement - It's not enough to just write well-optimized and well-thought out content, your article should be interested and remarkable enough to get people to share it on social media.
Also see this infographic called: The operating cost of the creative process and why we would very much like to be paid for it.
    infographic: Earn money online by writing articles for bloggers, How To Make Money Online By Writing Meaningful Articles.

    infographic source: The Biggest Misconception People Have About Writers


    1. Making money online should not be a struggle if you're willing to put in the work. When you understand the flow of money and how to create income on demand, your income will flow instead of having that feeling that you’re beating your forehead against a brick wall.

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