7 Step Sales And Marketing Guide For Small Businesses (infographic)

image: 7 Step Sales And Marketing Guide For Small Businesses (infographic)

No matter what kind of small business you own, below some basic steps from a complete map for sales and marketing success, from attracting and capturing leads, to growing sales, to keeping your customers happy and saving time. So fuel your entrepreneurial passion with the big 7 steps.

1. Attract traffic

Social media: Attract leads to your site with attention-grabbing content by starting a blog and sharing recent posts on social networks like, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

Search engine Optimization: Use SEO to get your website found by people who search for a product or service you offer on sites like Google.

PPC: Pay per click advertising enables you to boost online traffic by paying a certain amount to promote link clicks to your site.

Capture Leads

Compelling content: Create interactive lead magnets that encourage visitors to sign up to receive your content.

Landing Pages: Your landing page copy should be short and speak directly to the targeted audience you are trying to reach. Make sure you have a direct call to action that is rewarding for people to complete. The fewer fields on the web from that the subscribers has to fill out, the better, Try sticking to simply their name and email address.

Inspire trust: Demonstrate your expertise by placing testimonials, awards and social proof (the positive third-party validation that occurs when someone finds out that others are doing something) alongside web forms where it is easy for your leads to see.

Nurture prospects

Establish a communication: Create a consistent timeline for your nature campaign that fulfills the needs of your prospects and your business.

Personalize communication: Make your emails personal and relevant to the readers by providing content that speaks to the specific wants and needs they've communicated to you.

Convert sales

E-commerce: Handle online purchase anxiety upfront by displaying a clear and easily accessible return, refund or replacement policy and FAQ list.

Personal selling: Optimize your sales process and improve the productivity of your sales team by having your customer relationship management (CRM) system automatically identify and respond to key actions by prospects, identify hot leads and distribute them based on specific factors, like industry and geography.

Deliver and satisfy happy

Keep your promises: Then surprise and delight customers by sending loyal customers exclusive offers based on their preferences and buying habits.

Upsell customers

Develop relationships: Communicate with existing customers through follow-up messaging about complementary products and services they may be interested in based off of purchase history.

Create a long term upsell strategy: This can help grow recurring revenue over time.

Get referrals

The key: Getting referrals from happy customers is simple - you just have to ask. And, don't forget to reward customers for their referrals with a thank you gift.

Encourage referrals: This can be done with a great partner referral program.

infographic: 7 Step Sales And Marketing Guide For Small Businesses

Infographic By: infusionsoft.com/small-business-sales-and-marketing
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