10 Tools To Manage Your Twitter Account

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The facts that the world of today is so dominated by the use of internet and that social networking sites have become an integral part of business expansions and management, it is a good idea to keep abreast of the best and latest applications that will assist you to manage your accounts on these networking sites.

There are no two ways about the fact that Twitter has emerged as one of the most appreciated and loved website in the social media arena and it definitely deserves your time and attention in order to gain maximum profit out of it for your business. To help busy marketers, here are 10 apps to manage your twitter accounts for those who have little time to do so:

1. TweetDeck

This is a desktop twitter management tool. It can create columns to enable you organize your activities on twitter as well as send long messages using the deck.ly service which generates a shortened URL that guides followers to the rest of the tweet beyond 140 characters. However if you use multiple computers, it is advised to use a browser based application.

2. Twitoria

This application is regarded as one of the most useful apps as it allows Twitter users to sort out following and get rid of the followers who have been inactive for some time. It also assists in keeping the network updated.

3. Tweepi

This application has a number of buttons that accomplish a variety of tasks to manage the account. The "Flush" button allows you to identify users who are not following you back. At the same time, the "reciprocate" button allows the user to rank the users who he or she no longer needs to follow back. The third and most important button is the "Cleanup" option that enables a user to unfollow any follower who he/she does not want to follow anymore.

It also enables you follow lists and other users depending on the users they follow. You can also come to know who your friends are following. The way Tweepi displays all the information mentioned above is also very helpful and easy to comprehend. It organizes the data into a number of columns displaying their names, locations, number of followers, number of tweets, bios, dates of last tweet, klout scores, number of users they follow and many more data.

4. Twitterfeed

It allows the user to add RSS feeds to be automatically shared through twitter each time they have an update. Tweets can be customized to display the title of the post, shortened link etc. It is a great tool to select and organize content automatically for the audience, however you need to be careful about the quality of the blogs whose feeds you choose to publish.

5. Twuffer

This app allows the user to schedule tweets at different times and sort a list of tweets for the future as well. It can rightly qualify to be called the "Twitter buffer". With this app a user can compose future tweets and schedule the date and time of their release. This app is for everyone who needs to do any of the following:
  • Run a time-based scavenger hunt
  • Appointment/milestone reminders
  • Tweet pre-written announcements
  • Appear to be awake always

6. TwitWipe

This app allows you the freedom of deleting or wiping all your tweets in one go that will result in a clean account without the need of having a new account that simultaneously keeps your favorite tweets, followers, and users that you follow. All that you need is TwitWipe access to your account on Twitter. That sounds great, doesn't it?

7. FriendorFollow

This app will let you have relevant and quality followers and thus maintain a clean twitter profile. It consists of three tabs: following, fans and friends. The following tab gives out the ones who you follow, but who do not follow you back, Fans displays those who are following you but you are not reciprocating and friends lists your twitter friends.

8. CoTweet

This an excellent twitter marketing tool for enterprises that desire to engage, track and analyzing what people talk about their brand or product. The free version of the tool enables you to track the number of clicks, schedule tweets, record a history of conversations for past 30 days and team up with multiple users.

9. SocialOomph

Is also a great social media tool for marketers to boost their productivity on Twitter.

10. Backtweets

This tool allows you to find all old tweets that link back to your web page.

Also take a look at the infographic - Tips to getting more retweets.

infographic: Get more retweets on Twitter

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