Marketer's Guide: Ways To Reach Women Online

Marketer's Guide: Ways To Reach Women Online : image
In following infographic you'll learn how females are surfing the web and how marketers can convert this information to reach women online to increase their sales and leads.

Social Networks

Brands are using this space to continue the conversation about current and ongoing promotions as well as customer service and launching contests and games.


Brands are using this space as yet another way to keep up communication with their audience. They keep them aware of special discount offers, project launches and news announcements. All in an effort to keep their brands top of mind when a consumer decides to make a purchase.


Brands can use search to help drive traffic to their sites and stores. They can do it through paid search engine marketing or through carefully created keyword campaigns that can be used to generate traffic organically. Brands want to make sure they come up high in keyword search results for the greatest success.


Brands are using this space to launch a new service or product, to announce one-day sales and events. Adding a location component to a mobile campaign gives companies an opportunity to make them immediately actionable.


Women enjoy reading and will be influenced by what other people write. They will do research online to figure what type of product to buy and who to buy it from. Brands are now partnering with well-recognized bloggers to share their products and services with their audience. Some brands are creating their own blogs with communities of bloggers to talk about their brands independently.

Online Gaming 

The dynamic of the online gaming audience has shifted in the last few years to include a much higher female audience. With the introduction of social networking games it has increased more. Women like the ability to share the success of their gaming with others and like the idea of interacting with friends and family through social gaming.

Infographic: Marketer's Guide: Ways To Reach Women Online

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