Business Secrets From Albert Einstein

image : Business Secrets From Albert EinsteinThe business world is all about bold experimentation, but if what you're doing isn't working -- if you are dissatisfied with the results -- don't keep repeating the same approaches expecting different results. As Einstein warned: That leads to insanity. To get inspiration from legend see the infographic.

Be Creative Problem Solver

If the problems you are facing are your own creation, it's time to modify your thinking. Failure to do so will simply compound the problems.

Use Your Imagination

To be successful in the future, you need to view it through your imagination. Your current situation is going to change as you move forward, but to truly excel you must look beyond where you think you'll be.

Be A Realist

The opposite is also true. Look closely at the empirical evidence. Don't engage in wishful thinking. Whatever is actually happening is reality.

Become A Person Of Value

This is crucial. It's not what you do, or how well you do it that's important. It's who you are that counts. If you achieve financial success, use that success to help others. At all times, strive to do something that matters.

Learn To Describe Your Business Simply

If you find it difficult to describe your business in a thirty second elevator pitch, you don't understand it well enough. And if you don't understand your business, no one else is going to understand it.

Don't Worry About Mistakes Just Keep Doing

Mistakes should never trouble you. If you're not making them, you're not working hard enough. You need to strive for success at least 51% of the time.

Develop Persistency 

Einstein spent most of his time on the Theory of Relativity. He then embarked on a second ambitious project on the Universal Theory, or Theory of Everything. Which he struggled with every day until he died. He was a marvel of persistence.

Have More Concern For Other Than Yourself 

Unselfishness is a mandatory to be successful in business. In social media marketing you should always place the wants and needs of your customers ahead of your own. Remain aware that you are a member of the human family and support them willingly.

Learn The Rules And Work Hard 

In social media in particular, you must understand the rules completely so that you can then engage heartily in a period of sustained effort. Social media is simple, but isn't easy.

Learn Everything There Is To Learn 

Never stop increasing your knowledge base. There is always more that you can learn which will dramatically improve your chances for success.

Your Computer Is Indispensable 

Without your computer, none of this would be possible. Make it your trusted friend. Learn everything there is to learn about its functionality and practice until you can multitask like a champion.

Happiness Is Achieving Your Goals 

Businessmen and women live for the achievement of their goals. Marching toward accomplishment will make your business life a pleasure, reduce stress and make you generally happier.

Infographic By jerichotechnology.
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