Key Advantages of Online Learning Management System Software for Enterprises

image: Key Advantages of Online Learning Management System Software for Enterprises

Employee training and development, either for mandated coursework or for ongoing development can be difficult to manage. The challenges only multiply when an organization’s workforce is distributed around the country, or even around the world. The most effective way to deliver consistent, high-quality training to all employees is via online learning management system software.
There are several advantages to integrating online learning management software into an organization’s training function.

Registration and Record Keeping

Online registration for training can free up valuable time for training administrators and alleviate the need to consult records in multiple training locations to confirm employees have completed all required coursework.

Key Advantages:
•   Employee transcripts can be managed as well, enabling supervisors throughout an organization to access their employee’s records.
•   For mandated training necessary to maintain certifications or comply with state or federal regulations, customized reports can be produced almost instantly to ensure fast and accurate compliance reporting.
•   Compliance reporting can also help organizations identify and manage departments or divisions that are not up to date with training so that compliance issues can be addressed proactively, rather than re-actively.
•   Employee mobility between departments and divisions. Hiring managers can view company-wide pools of employees trained for specific positions, which will potentially save in recruiting and training costs.

Consistent, Shared Resources

By utilizing online learning management system software, an organization can use its training dollars more effectively.

Key Advantages:
•   A training program or course developed for one department or division can be easily revised for others, or, if multiple areas require the same training, used again in different areas of the company.
•   With consistent assessment and training content, the organization can ensure that all employees receive equally effective training, whether they are located in a remote satellite office, or within the company headquarters.
•   Over time, an organization will develop a portfolio of training offerings, delivered via online learning management system software, which can be used and reused throughout the company. The result is more consistent training and reduced training expenses.

Identifying Employees for Training

While it is beneficial at times to allow employees to self-manage their continuing education in the workplace, there are times when a company needs all employees within specific roles to receive training. Online learning management system software automates several important tasks for enterprise training:

Key Advantages:
•    Integrates with employee records to identify employees requiring training.
•    Initiates contact, via email, with employees to solicit registration.
•    Tracks completion of training programs.
•    Generates reports of employees who are out of compliance.

All of these functions are completed seamlessly and with little or no intervention from a training administrator.

Enhanced Classroom Experience

When training is delivered via a single online classroom, additional networking and idea generation between employees can occur.

Key Advantages:
•    Online classroom requires interaction between students.
•    Less enthusiastic students must be engaged to meet course requirements.
•    Input from each student is required – no one gets to sit in the back of the room.

Unlike a traditional classroom training program, which simply ends after the allotted time, online classrooms offer to ability to allow ongoing discussion and clarification of questions after the course has ended?

For example, if a student leaves a course, and begins to implement techniques acquired in training, but has questions or concerns, he or she can return to the classroom to seek more information, to review recorded content, or to review discussion on the topic.


Finally, training delivered via online learning management software is exceptionally mobile.

Key Advantages:
•    Students can participate from the office or from home
•    Students can utilize desktop or laptop computers.
•    Students can use mobile devices, like smart phones or tablets to participate.

Making training accessible to students at their convenience increases the likelihood of participation and completion, and ensures the needs of employees in all different roles are being met.

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