16 Easy Steps To Make Best Use Of Pinterest For Your Business

image: 16 Easy Steps To Make Best Use Of Pinterest For Your Business

Every social media marketer knows that Pinterest holds immense potential to promote any business. However, not many know how to use it for deriving optimal positive results. Follow these 16 easy steps to make best use of Pinterest for your business.

Explore Pinterest

Big companies have Pinterest boards where they paste pictures and upload videos of their services and products. You should visit their accounts and check the pictures and videos. Read the comments closely. You should also upload such pictures and videos, which will encourage such comments.

Develop boards according to your goals

Do not create a collage in your board. It should have a theme. Before creating a board, you must decide the purpose of developing the board. For instance, it is a great idea to create a personal board. Through this board, you can let people know about your family and business. If you sell jewelry or make-up items, you can post your pictures wearing them.

Create a board that will attract followers

As a marketing technique, you can create a board with pictures and videos that will attract instant followers. Choose funny photos and hilarious videos because such items go viral immediately.

Download the Pin It button straightaway

The Pin It button allows you to pin items with just a click. Therefore, you should get it as soon as you can.

Your boards should be a good mixture of business and interest

You should not stack your boards with pictures/videos of your products only. It will deter people out rightly. Hence, as per the theme, you should post one item related to your business amongst 2-3 items that are related to your industry but not to your brand. It could be a statistic, or a DIY craft.

Enhance brand value with competition

Once you have a substantial following (50+), you can ask your followers to take part in a competition. The participants will have to pin their own pictures wearing your products like jewelry. Declare a gift hamper of the product as the prize. Pin its picture and witness the high rate of repins that this picture gathers.

Promote your business blog

Never forget to include pictures in your articles. Pin these pictures on your board. People, who like the pictures, will surely click it to read the associated article.

Optimize your pictures

Pinterest offers a great opportunity to drive traffic to your pictures. By using captions that are enriched with useful keywords, you can optimize your pictures/videos.

Make your pictures speak

On Pinterest, you cannot write descriptions about pictures. You can only write a caption for your image. The best practice is to choose such pictures that convey your message clearly. If not, then you should create concise captions for them.

Connect Pinterest with Twitter and Facebook

By connecting your Pinterest account with your social network accounts, your pinned pictures will get immense exposure through feeds. Remember, you can only connect your personal Facebook page with Pinterest and not the business one.

Your boards can be optimized too

Based on the theme, you can select relevant keywords that define the boards. It will draw those people, who are looking for products/services like the ones that you offer.

Stay active for better response

You should not only pin items but also be a friendly Pinterest community member. Visit other people's boards and post encouraging comments. It will also motivate others to comment on your pictures.

Pin items that belong to you

In order to maintain credibility, you should only post the items that you own. In case, you are short of pictures/videos, you can pin free videos and photos.

Place Pin it button on your website

Having a Pinterest account is not enough. You need to encourage image pinning from your website. With Pin it button on each webpage of your site, you can motivate your site visitor to pin the image instantly.

Give your board a personality

For prolonging stay and quick pinning of your pictures by the visitors, you can use colors to your advantage. For instance, if you sell baby products, then pictures in colors like pink, light blue, sea green will make your board friendlier to people looking for such products.

Check the success of your efforts

Use Pinterest web analytics and track the number of people who have pinned images from your website. It will help you decide which types of images are most popular with the visitors.

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