Pinterest Best Practices For Brands

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With the more than 48 million users Pinterest has become a great referral site for marketers and e-commerce businesses. How brands can use Pinterest to get noticed online here we've an infographic that define some best practices that you should know.

Optimize Your Pinterest Page

This includes linking to your brand's website and Twitter pages and filling out a description. Remember that search engines are indexing your Pinterest boards now so it is important to place traffic-driving keywords in your description and categories the board correctly.

Say No To - I Love Me

As with any social platform, people get bored when brands only share self-serving content. Repin users content. Avoid solely 'pinning' self-promotional content as it appears like spam.

Plan Ahead

Think before you share. Be sharp and strategic about your brand's Pinterest messaging and concept before launching your brand's page.

Cross Promote But Carefully

Share your pins on Facebook. Google+ and Twitter, but not every single one. Choose only the most interesting images to share on other platforms to avoid over-promotion.

Connect With Your Community

Go beyond the re-pin! Brands should follow, like and comment on other Pinterest users content to maintain a two-way conversation with their audience.

Pin What People Are Talking About

Home decor, colors, organization, infogarphics, quotes and holidays are popular topics on Pinterest. Find ways to connect your brand's messaging to topics already popular on the platform.

Use Boards To Segment Your Audience

Share different boards on your Pinterest page to showcase content by lifestyle or technology. Different audience segments are interested in different aspects of the brand; use boards to help users navigate and find what interests them most.

Enable Your Community To Discover Things They Love And Go Do Them Offline

Plain, clear and simple; share inspiring things online in order to drive the same interest and passion offline.

Use A Quality Over Quantity Approach

The most effective brands using Pinterest understand that less sometimes means more. Instead of creating hundreds of boards and pinning many items, they strategically 'pin' content that is appropriate, creative and shareable.


Pin directly from a source and/or credit the source in the pin caption. This can be as simple as including via ABC in the caption.

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Pinterest Best Practices For Brands

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