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The iPhone is an extremely powerful device, but let’s face it; Apple Maps leaves users desiring much more. The GPS features of the iPhone are extremely powerful and developers out there have put these tools to work with many different travel apps. The great thing about the iPhone is that there are tons of different apps available on the marketplace that can be perfect for traveling. No matter what you want to do; find a hotel, book a flight or just have turn by turn directions, it’s certain that there’s an app that can help you. Today we’re going to go over the top 5 navigation apps for the iPhone and go through their functionality. Let’s get started!

Top 5 navigation apps for the iPhone


This is a great little app that will give you traffic information and also GPS navigation. One of the unique things about this app is that it pulls the traffic notices from a user created database. This makes the traffic reports very accurate and up to date. The only downfall to the user generated databases is that you must leave near many other Waze users in order to get the most up to date information. This makes it a great app for those who live in big cities, but if you live in a rural area, you might want to pass on this.

GPS by Telenav

GPS by Telenav is a very handy GPS navigation app that is certain to offer all of the basics and then some. The app is completely free and features turn by turn navigation (without voice), searchable areas with gas prices, and up to date traffic information. The developers of GPS also offer a paid version that will allow voice functionality and re-route directions. The cost of the premium version is $2.99 per month or $9.99 per year, so it’s extremely affordable.

Motion X GPS

This is a very low cost GPS navigation app that is filled with all kinds of great features. You will have access to regular driving directions along with walking, running, boating and others. The interface features a very elegant interface that displays directions and speed on an easy to read screen. The app is only .99 cents, so it’s a great deal. For those of you who want voice functionality you’ll have to shell out $9.99 per year, but it’s a very great deal in my opinion.

CoPilot Live Premium HD – USA

This is one of the most powerful GPS apps out there at the moment. The great thing about this app is that it stores the map information on your iPhone rather than having to download it. This will save tons of battery drain. You will have access to a very nice interface that offers 3D turn by turn directions. This particular version comes with United States maps, but for a small fee you can unlock other maps as well. Now, this is a very powerful app, so there is a fee. The cost of the app is 12.99, and you can unlock additional maps for $2.

Navigon North America

Here’s a very affordable and highly functional GPS app that is certain to please. You will have access to a number of U.S., Mexico and Canadian road maps. The 3D interface looks great and the directions are very clear. The price on this app may be a bit steep for some people, however. It is priced at $49.99.

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