Develop An Online Content Marketing Strategy With 5 Elements

As a digital marketer and small business manager you always have to keep looking for new ideas to interact with your interest-based audience, and content marketing is the most preferred way to boost your presence in the online businesses. By learning the core content marketing strategies you can deliver your brand messages efficiently. To help you Synecoretech made this infographic outlining the 5 core elements of online content marketing.

The 5 Core Elements of Online Content Marketing

The core elements Business blog
Blogging is extremely useful for connecting with your audience, expanding your brand online presence, and acquiring new customers. There is also a strong correlation between blog post frequency and customer acquisition.

eBooks and white papers
These longer content pieces often take more time and resources to produce. Generally, a prospect must complete a form on a landing page before they can download the content, this instantly converting them to a business lead. Because their production is more extensive, eBooks and white papers are considered premium content marketing offers.

Webinars and Webcasts
Webinars (aka web conferences) are live, interactive online meetings in which viewers are often encouraged to ask questions. Webinars on Google Hangout are great for promoting new content pieces.
Webcasts and podcast contain visual/audio content that can be downloadable and listened to at any time. Though lacking the element of interactivity, they can be broadcast to reach a very large audience.

Thanks of the increasing popularity of video-friendly mobile devices and social sites like YouTube, video marketing is finally gaining momentum. Studies have shown that those who view video are much more likely to make a purchase than those who do not.

Email marketing
Still most popular form of online content marketing, many businesses are using email marketing as more than just a direct sales channel. Both B2c and B2B marketers are using email as an efficient and cost-effective way to provide valuable, relevant content to prospects and customers


  1. I would agree that video marketing is becoming larger and larger because people have access to better cameras and editing equipment with the better range of prices. Videos directly connect with the viewer and is able to show your audience directly what you are talking about, selling, as well as demonstrations and how-to's.

    I also think email marketing is going to stay around for a very long time. It has been popular and continues to grow now that people can practically access their email wherever they need to. Great article.

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