5 Best Cloud Applications for iPad

In this high-tech era, the people are using both smartphones and computers in their routine life. They have some files store on iPhone while other on computer so they often need to use cloud storage for synchronization the data and files of both devices. Thanks to cloud applications of iPhone, we can effortlessly store our music, data and files at one place and then to access it from either computer or iPhone. Though in App store, you will find a wide variety of cloud applications for this iDevice but I would like to share 5 best.
So, read more and explore most useful applications.

1. DropBox

I really like this cloud storage application as it makes it simple for the users to store all his videos, music files, data files and photos at one place. After saving the files, he can access through any computer, iPhone or iPad anytime. Even this data is available on Dropbox website. You can create favorite list just to view the files quickly. Sharing of file is also made simple and easy. This application is mostly used in corporate environment where co-workers save files at Dropbox and share the links with each other. On the move work is becoming easier via this cloud application.

2. Online File Folder Mobile

This application comes from the house of GoDaddy and thus, it allows the users to save their data, files, photos and videos at one place. One you have done with saving, you are free to take a look of everything from your home PC and office tab. If you are traveling and want to check the progress report of a project, your co-worker will save file from his PC and you can check it right from iPhone.

3. Box

It is among those cloud applications which are designed for increasing the workforce productivity. After making a box account, you would be able to save, edit and share the files with your co-workers and thereby, perfect collaboration can be done effortlessly. After sign-up, you get 10GB+ cloud space which is good enough to store documents, spreadsheets and presentations. A number of companies are relying on this application of iPhone as file sharing, saving, searching and editing become quite easy via it. Employees
feel a less burden of work because of it.

4. SugarSync

If you want a remote control for your computer file then it’s iPhone which provides you what you want. You can download SugarSync on iPhone and then to get access to all your computer files, music, photos and videos. Whenever you are away from home or office, you can easily find all your files on iPhone. You are free to edit, delete or share a file whenever you want , wherever you need.

5. SlideShark

This application allows you to upload your presentation from your computer to the slide account and then to access this presentation from your iPhone. You can show your new project presentation to your boss by tapping on your iPhone. There is no need to use USB for copying file to other desktop. I think every iPhone user must need to take advantage of these cloud applications. These apps allow you to have a full backup of important data and files and to get ready access of every file of computer.

Author Bio:
Richard Thomas owns an IT enterprise and he knows the value of cloud applications. Therefore, he shares the best applications list for those entrepreneurs who want to see a boost in the productivity of their workforce.
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