Tips For Capturing Beautiful Moments With Mobile Camera

Learn how to use any mobile camera (like, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, etc.) in your favor to create excellent and print-worthy photographs.


Light your subject well - Indoor lighting: As many lights on subject as possible, avoid placing subject directly in front of light.

Outdoor lighting - Shoot in medium shade, avoid shooting a subject facing direct sunlight.

Obey the rule of thirds - Divide the frame into thirds horizontally and vertically. place the subject at the cross hairs.

Steady hands - A steady hand produces a clear image, especially in low light.
Get close to your subject - Camera phones keep everything in focus and your subject can get lost in the background. Fill the frame with your subject to make it prominent.


Keep your lens clean - Without a lens cap your lens will get dirty in your pocket.

Experiment with white balance and sunlight - Tweaking the white balance and playing with sunlight can greatly adjust the mood of your photos.

Use the highest resolution - Only the highest setting will match the average digital camera.

Don't use digital zoom - Digital zoom causes a pixelated image and offers nothing that can't be done later in editing, and of course you wouldn't like to see fuzzy photos on big screen.


Don't trash photos right away - Don't judge a photo before you view it on a larger computer/laptop screen. Try to convert your pictures to blurry, black and white or in gray color or try some other attractive effects.

Observe camera phone Etiquette - Phone cameras have a reputation for taking unsolicited photographs, don't photograph strangers without their knowledge.

Take loads of shots and experiment - The shots cost nothing (except the charging of your cell battery) and the possibilities are endless.

Best ways to miss a shot

Deleting images - Deleting photos one by one takes your attention away from shooting. If you can keep enough memory free for a large amount of photos then it is okay, otherwise your phone suites for dustbin. Always keep an extra SD Card.

Editing images - Editing images your just took takes your attention away and offers limited options. Wait to edit on a more powerful computer.

See below two infographics for information that help you to improve your photography skill. These tips are extracts from variety of the experts tutorials.
Tips For Capturing Beautiful Moments With Mobile Camera : 100 Photography Tips
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