Next Generation Capabilities: Project Glass [Infographic]

Some latest iPod, Smartphones or Google Nexus may be exciting products, however for a nifty look in to the future of consumer electronics one only has to look up Google’s Project Glass.

Currently under development in the Google X lab [Google's less-evil version of Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration (DARPA)], Project Glass is Google's attempt at creating a wearable (Heads-up-display smart lens located just above one eye), social computer. Though most technical details remain clouded in mystery, Google is more than willing to admit that this project will most definitely change the way we interact with the world. Whatever from that change might take is up for debate, but one thing is clear; with the recent unveiling of Google Glass, the technology world has begun drooling with excitement during countless hours of spectacle speculation.

See this infographic to learn more about the Glass-device and its work and features.
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