Key Tips From World's Leading Internet And Marketing Experts

26 of the world's leading internet and mobile marketing experts share one key tip that helped launch their careers into the stratosphere.

Steve Olsher - The secret to life is identifying your WHAT - That is, the one thing you were born to do - and pursuing it with reckless abandon.

Janet Bray Attwood - When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life, and only to the extent that are clear.

Christopher (Kit) Codik - Gain large-scale exposure by forming meaningful relationship with the biggest companies in the game. Expand exposure through the reach of others.

Dean Delisle - Surround yourself with intelligent people you trust, and use their knowledge to elevate your business to the next level".

Mike Filsaime - History has repeatedly shown that initiative combined with incentive begets undeniable results".

Patrick Flynn - Passive income allows you to earn money on a regular basis without significant effort to maintain cash flow.

Kathleen Gage - Don't just work a job. Cultivate a career.

Steve harrison - Too often companies create what they think customers will want. Take the time to find out what your target audience actually needs.

Dan Hollings - Mobile is no longer optional.

Pamela Levy - An effective leader should concentrate on what they do best and enjoy most. Everything else can be outsourced, ignored, or completed by a capable employee.

Mike koenigs - Leverage the 10x10x4 model. Monetizing your expertise by broadcasting your message to the world and establishing yourself as an expert has never been easier.

John Kremer - Marketing is business, not just a necessary promotional tool.

Armand Morin - Create products that make existing tasks easier or automate existing tasks.

Mike Muhney - Apps can be lucrative but must be viewed as a component of overall marketing/branding mix.

Marc Ostrofsky - The riches are in the niches. Do one thing, do it better than anyone else, and get paid extraordinarily well for your specific talent.

Christian Pankhurst - Model those you admire. In the past, this was called plagiarism. Today, it's known as modeling. Don't recreate the wheel. Simply paint it your own color.

David Riklan - Ask experts to share their content. Most have a bounty of articles, videos, and how-to-guides (tutorials) they're willing to provide.

Leslie Rohde - Search is a conversation. Therefore, think about your prospect's queries and create pages that answer their questions.

Riel Roussopoulos - If a customer takes the time to scan your QR code, give her what she wants.

Callan Rush - To achieve success leverage the Three M's: magnetize, mesmerize, and monetize.

Jennifer Sheahan - Successful Facebook marketers understand that building and maintaining a successful presence hinges on the ability to engage.

Yanik Silver - Reduce your risk and incorporate the '2x2 matrix' model by either introducing a new, or enhanced, product to existing customers or market an existing product to new customers.

Jeff Vacek - Achieving success often requires significantly more giving than receiving. Help first, learn second, promote third, and request fourth.

Christopher Van Buren - A product launch is a proven way to generate a massive number of leads, increase name-brand recognition, and create substantial income.

Jason Van Orden - Seek feedback from your audience and honor their suggestions.


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