How To Hunt For Jobs Online

This post highlights the best tips on how to hunt for jobs online.

Make A Visual Resume - Text resume is passe. Explore tools like power points and upload on management paradise, or

Network Online - Platforms like LinkedIn or even Facebook provide huge networking opportunities. And as they say Network is net-worth.

Network, Don't Broadcast - Don't announce your job search on MP, Twitter, your blog, your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.

Read Up - Staying up-to-date is the best thing to do when looking for a job, because it helps in any interview.

List yourself - List yourself on job portals like and If you steer your way through spam, you might find a good one. Do consider the local classified websites.

Send Mails - Drop in a "hi" to your first circle of network. Be specific so they can lead you towards the right profile.

Follow Companies - Follow companies from your industry. Knowing what they are up to always helps.

Do it at home - You don't want to get caught looking up for jobs in your current office now do you.

Google yourself - Make sure your best shows up. If not, clean the dirt track.

Run a Spell Check - Spelling or grammar errors in your resume or cover letter won't go well with your prospective employer. Use for this purpose - a free grammar checker tool.

Don't be a miser, Pay a little - Pay a consultant or a niche job portal/service to blast your résumé to relevant Human Resources companies. Let the pros handle it.

12 Tips : How to Hunt for Jobs online

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