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Jul 7, 2014

Amplified: Cranking Your Content Up to 11 - #infographic

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How to develop your own content amplification strategy

It's no wonder that social media is overloaded with content.
Yet content marketing is still one of a brand's greatest assets, meaning marketers are out there creating great content, but releasing it out into the void, unheard. In order to give your content the voice it deserves, you need to invest time in an effective sharing strategy.

You are not the rock star you think you are, even if your content is great, the competition is fierce.
Every day 4,000,000,00 post shared on Facebook, 45,000,000 photos uploaded to Flickr and Instagram and 499,860 blog entries posted on WordPress.
Which means you need more than just good content to stand out.

The following infographic by tollfreeforwarding blog looks at all the ways you can develop your own content amplification strategy.
How to develop your own content amplification strategy

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