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Mar 11, 2014

2014 The Numbers Behind Social Media - infographic

Image: The Numbers Behind Social Media
Whether you use them for reaching potential customers, interact with people, or to generate content, Social Media is a power tool for businesses. Check out this infographic by thelogocompany for some of the most popular online networks and how much of an impact they each have.
Key takeaways:
Facebook has 1,230,000,000 users, and every user spent almost 18 minutes per day on the platform. And about 350 million photos upload on Facebook every day.
Twitter has 645,750,000 registered users, while the average time spent on Twitter is 12 minutes and 51 seconds per day.

Infographic: The Numbers Behind Social Media


  1. Shockingly Google plus is no where close to Facebook and Twitter, which was launched as a competitor to these two despite the fact it comes from such a big company like Google. Google has done so many failed experiments on the social front like Orkut.

  2. G+ has over 1 billion registered users. Also has over 540 million active users.
    Twitter has 300 million active users.

    I am lazy to check the rest of the of the "stats" shown on your image. More then likely a bunch of it is incorrect. Good work on link bait though

  3. Why don't they use comparable "stats"? Showing average number of twitter followers? Then show average number of facebook friends (not friend requests)! And yes, from my experience the numbers from social media "analytics" are usually wrong. Garbage in, Garbage out...

    1. In general, social media analytics tend to look pretty, but convey no useful information. It's more of an eye candy for the thoughtless.