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Jan 23, 2014

7 Visual Design Trends For 2014 - Around The Globe - infographic

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7 Visual Design Trends For 2014 - Around The Globe - infographic
With a collection of over 30 million images and 350 million photos downloads to date, the folks at shutterstock have got more data on what designers are looking for than just about anyone. In their third annual global design trends infographic, shutterstock predicts what will be big in 2014! From universal visual searches to local design trends and from top visual typography styles to most loved photos on social media the below graphic takes a closer look at visual trends of 2014, you should know about.
7 Big Visual Design Trends For 2014 - Around The Globe - infographic

Key takeaways

With 347 percent rise in searches, people and other subjects in real-life settings are increasing in demand.

The move toward UI-inspired design continues to snowball, with a 200 percent increase in flat-desgin downloads.

With a popularity of retro toy cameras and mobile photo apps, images with filtered look are everywhere. Searches for Instagram-esque imagery were up 661% in 2013.

From the glamor of the 1920s to the emergence of 3D printing, these popular search terms saw the largest increases from the previous year.

As 4K video and 3D rendering technology become more widely available, demand for high-quality footage is sky rocketing.

The images being shared on social media channels represent what's popular in the wider world of business and visual communication. Typographic quotes, vibrant colors and landscapes trends are developing in this arena.

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