What The Tech — From Mobile to Social Media To What's Next? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that there are 6.1 billion active mobile devices in the world and only 4.2 billion active toothbrushes!

In the fast-paced world of internet, change is the only constant. New and emerging technologies will impact our daily lives and our businesses - be prepared to expand your business in the areas of social media, mobile and tech!

From the future of smartphone to the latest social media platforms and the next big advancement in technology, this infographic from weddingwire will shed some light on some amazing stats you need to know about.

From Mobile to Social Media - What is The Next Tech Trend [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic's highlights

Social media is expanding into other areas of our lives
27% of online time in the U.S. is spent on social networking.

The King of social networks is: Facebook:
Facebook: 51% of the world's online population is on Facebook.
Twitter: 175,000 tweets are posted every minute.
YouTube: 6 Billion hours of video watched per month.
Pinterest: Now ranked the 10th largest U.S site.

With video content projected to grow 500% by 2015, social media is rapidly shifting to video.

Within a year or less there will be more smartphone devices than people on earth.

The internet is quickly becoming the internet of things where everything is connected - by 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices. The time has come to mobilize your business, website, client experience and emails.
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