Color Picker

Color Picker

Color Picker Tool

Welcome to the Color Picker tool! This tool allows you to select and apply colors easily for your designs, projects, or any other creative endeavors. With a wide range of predefined colors along with their names and hex codes, as well as a complete color picker, you'll have all the options you need to find the perfect color for your needs.

How to Use:

Predefined Colors: Below the color picker, you'll find a grid of color previews. Each color preview represents a predefined color along with its name and hex code. Click on any color preview to instantly apply that color to the color picker.

Complete Color Picker: To access the complete color picker, click on the "Click here to open color picker" button. This will open a popup window where you can choose any color you like using the color input. Once you've selected your desired color, click "Close" to apply it to the color picker.

Applying Colors: After selecting your desired color using either the predefined colors or the complete color picker, click the "Apply" button next to the color picker to apply the selected color. You'll see the preview area update with the chosen color.

Copying Hex Codes: Each color preview displays the name of the color along with its hex code. You can easily copy the hex code of any color by hovering over the color preview to view its tooltip, then manually copying the hex code or using your browser's copy function.

With the Color Picker tool, exploring and applying colors has never been easier. Enjoy creating with a rainbow of possibilities at your fingertips!