WhatsApp On A Mission To Enhance Its Meta AI Assistant With New Photo Editing Option

A new report from WABetaInfo is shedding light on Meta’s mission to enhance its Meta AI assistant for WhatsApp users.

The latest update on this front will include the ability of the assistant to edit users’ images and reply to them.

The tool would be given the chance to analyze the images fed into the system as it identifies objects or tells individuals what’s taking place. As mentioned on the website, the app is trying to experiment with a new button that lets users share images through Meta AI manually.

Moreover, the chatbot would be able to edit those images depending on the text prompts given to them.

The images can then be deleted after uploading to Meta AI via the WhatsApp platform. It’s a feature that’s currently in the works and might give rise to a newer version of the instant messaging platform. For now, it’s yet to be trialed with beta testers.

The company’s AI assistant was first rolled out in September last year and therefore was accessible through a dedicated button present at the top of the Charts tab. Hence, it’s not the first time that it’s dealing with pictures. It can even give rise to new images from scratch, depending on which text prompts it gets and what the topics are from users.

The latest feature dubbed Imagine With Meta is giving users the chance to roll out pictures in one on chats by simply tagging MetaAI with a prompt. Another offering called Reimagine gives users the chance to build on pictures shared by pals in the group.

The website reports how WhatsApp is even working on more image-based features that allow users to generate their pictures using Meta AI. This would require them to click an array of pictures and then feed that into the AI system.

Meta is a huge name in the world of tech and it’s really trying hard to build a future featuring AI as its mainstay. The company is relying on the huge figures of data it has from apps like Instagram and Facebook, mostly images and videos that can assist the firm create powerful AI tools and the best models.

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