Report Shows Gen-Z Loves Creating Fan-Made Content About the Person or Thing They Love

YouTube’s annual trends research report says that Gen-Z are turning into creators because of fan culture. Whenever Gen-Z watch a movie, read a book, become a fan of some personality or hyperfixate over someone or something, they immediately want to make fan-made content about it. The Washington Post reported that 65% of the Gen-Z on different social media apps define themselves as video creators. This was concluded after surveyed 350 Gen-Z living in the USA.

Sometimes, the fan-made content created by Gen-Z becomes more popular than the actual content. Gen-Z also said that they like watching or reading content about something that is unveiling or revealing something about the original content. They love the power and entertainment they get after remixing the content and creating something of their own.

Online fandom is also getting popular with 47% of the Gen-Z saying that they are a part of fandom online that no one in their real life is part of. 80% of the 14-44 year olds said that they are a fan of someone or something and watch content about them at least weekly on Youtube. 8% of them also said that they are professional fans as in fans that earn revenue from being a fan.

The concept of fandom is not new but it is stronger than ever now. A few weeks ago, a Youtube creator called Jenny Nicholson made a four hours long Youtube video which was breaking down the sins of Disney’s Star Wars hotel. Many big news sources also reported the video because of the attention the video was getting. It is one of the proofs why fan culture and fan-made analysis are getting popular.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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