More Setback For Meta As Brazil Suspends Its Latest Privacy Policy With Immediate Effect

Tech giant Meta is having a hard time attaining acceptance of its latest privacy policy.

It was only this week that we heard about an investigation by the European Commission regarding the latest rollout by Meta and now, new reports from Brazil have confirmed how the privacy policy will be suspended with immediate effect.

The country’s ANPD says there is no space for such a privacy policy which aims to make use of users’ personal information for the sake of training the company’s AI systems.

The news was published yesterday in the country’s official gazette and that puts the entire processing of data throughout Meta’s products at a standstill.

In addition to that, a daily fine has also been mentioned in situations where non-compliance is observed which would be an estimated $8836 per day.

The reason outlined for such an immediate suspension of Meta’s privacy policy was the massive risk of significant damage that would arise to users’ rights, making it even more difficult to reverse.

Meta will certainly be required to make some serious changes to the policy if it does wish for it to be implemented in this part of the world. This means major alterations must be done to remove the section linked to using the personal data of users to train its AI models and systems.

In the same manner, the tech giant would be forced to roll out new statements mentioning more details linked to this suspension of data processing for this particular reason.

As one can expect, Meta is not happy with the news. The company’s official statement on this front expressed massive disappointment over the latest decision taken by Brazil’s ANPD. It further detailed on how such acts are putting a setback to innovation and would similarly cause a delay to the upcoming AI benefits to Brazilian citizens.

Meta also boldly declared how it was more transparent than other arch rivals in today’s industry that make use of public content for AI model training purposes. It also boasted how its policies are in line with the country’s privacy rules and regulations.

But from what we can see right now, that’s not the case as Brazil has zero tolerance for the policy that has been suspended just a day after its launch in the country.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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