YouTube’s New App Tracking Transparency Prompt To Soon Ask iOS Users If They Want Personalized Ads

With the launch of iOS 14.5, we saw tech giant Apple force developers to inform users about an opt-in if they wished to track them down. But then in 2021, all apps from Google stopped indulging in certain kinds of tracking for compliance and also rid of that prompt altogether.

Now, the latest on this front is that popular video-sharing app YouTube is once again rolling out a new ATT prompt where users would first be asked to opt in to enable personalized tracking for ad purposes.

The app explained how it hopes to include the one-time permission feature where YouTube is giving users the chance to ‘allow’ the platform to track their activity via two options.

The first one says Allow and that means when selected, all activity from the app would be linked to that from non-Google platforms and pages to showcase personal ads and enable ad measurements. The user’s selection would apply to all on the app when turned on.

The second option says ‘Ask App Not to Track’ where if the setting isn’t turned on, no activity would be linked through non-Google platforms and pages for personalized ad sharing and measurements. This would give rise to a lower frequency of relevant ads and those that are repeated more often than others.

Such prompts aren’t going to be a part of the Premium subscribers and those having child accounts on the app would also not see this.

When you click on ‘Allow’, the platform claims users would expect to see better or more useful ads which were of greater quality. For instance, the ads popping up on the app could better display what they believe in or what their interests are aligned with.

On the other hand, the app says the feature will soon be up for grabs to all iPhone and iPad users who will now have the chance to be tracked in a more sophisticated manner which not only benefits the company but also is more aligned with the users’ interests.

Furthermore, the user can opt to switch that feature off whenever they want by going to their settings and then clicking on the privacy and security tracking tabs.

We don’t see how this setting could impact the linking of user activity via other apps from Google and its respective pages so it’s going to be welcomed in our opinion. What do you think?

Image: DIW-Aigen

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