X to Restrict Live Streaming to Premium Subscriber

Streaming live content on social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram is akin to attending a free concert in the park—accessible and free for all. However, for users of X, the service previously known as Twitter, this is set to change soon.

X's Live account recently announced that only subscribers to its Premium service will be allowed to stream live content. Although the exact date for this change was not disclosed, it was indicated that the implementation would occur shortly.

Additionally, live streaming "from an encoder with X integration" will also require a Premium subscription. The company has not yet specified which tier of its Premium service will encompass this feature. Currently, X offers three Premium plans, with the most affordable option starting at $3 per month.

Typically, X's Premium plans provide users with enhanced functionalities, such as extended message replies, fewer ads, and exclusive creator tools. However, transitioning live streaming—a previously free feature—into a Premium service marks a notable shift in X’s strategy.

Back in October 2023, X initiated a test in New Zealand and the Philippines, introducing a $1 annual fee for users to post comments and engage with others. This trial aimed to curb bot activity on the platform. Despite the trial, this nominal fee has not been extended beyond the initial test regions.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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