The Download Boom: 1,400 Apps and Games Now Hit 1 Million Downloads Monthly

The figure one million is a great number to play with. And that’s especially true if you happen to be an app developer and tend to gain downloads in that domain.

But have you ever wondered which apps and gaming platforms are the most downloaded each month and go as far as hitting that 1M milestone?

There’s no reason for you to guess anymore because we’re back thanks to some great app intelligence to decipher just that. And don’t be surprised because the facts are a little startling, to say the least.

The last time we asked followers, they happened to be so off in that regard. If we look at stats from the year 2023, nearly 1300 platforms hit the one million figure. And today, it’s gone up to 1400. So yes, an almost 8% rise is something many will not mind.

Now, it’s time to break down which platforms ended up giving these incredible stats.

Thanks to Explorer, we saw close to 1400 applications and gaming platforms get that incredible recognition. But were there more apps or games that ended up making the list?

The answer is applications but the greatness or lead over games wasn’t as much as you may be expecting. 47% of them are games and the rest or 53% are applications. These kinds of downloads do end up aligning well.

When it came to games, downloads were as much as 1.6 billion, and apps on the other hand were installed twice as much, hitting the two billion mark.

Every big name was presented on the list so they ended up getting skipped. When you dig deeper, you get a clearer picture of who really is doing better than all others.

As per expert analysis, it’s actually photo editors and video gettings getting more love now than ever. Meanwhile, food delivery platforms, fitness apps, and several VPNs continue to reign supreme as we speak.

When we look at the figures seen at the store, it’s actually Android’s Google Play with the upper lead when compared to Apple’s App Store. 87% of every platform tends to attain greater than one million installations across Google Play. You’ve got both gaming platforms and applications. Meanwhile, Apple only has 13% of the share.

Coming to the exact figures for downloads, they’re not small. It’s actually quite large and as per the estimated figures, close to 87% of those produced downloads greater than 3 billion in May alone while the figure was a little less than 500 million arising from Apple’s App Store.

At the Apple App Store, photo and video editors hit the top of the list for most downloaded platforms while social networking came at number two. In third place, it was productivity apps that continued to muster a lot of attention.

At Google’s Play Store, tools were the most popular category for downloads while social and communication apps stole the second and third leading position. So what we can conclude from here is that downloads were much greater when you’re on Google Play.

From what we can see right now, this really provides a great understanding of the dataset at large and a great picture in terms of where download stats lie. Applications and gaming platforms are not going anywhere and if they continue to provide the kind of entertainment that they do, there’s no stopping them getting bigger figures for the remaining part of the year.

H/T: Appfigures.

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