New Survey Says Less Employees At Microsoft Are Getting ‘Good Deals’ That Benefit Their Career

A new survey, as reported by Business Insider, is shedding light on the current situation of employees working at software giant Microsoft.

The survey asked the workforce one simple question and that had to do with whether or not they were given a good deal by the company through which they could see themselves benefitting.

The study called Employee Signals had 62% of the workforce click on the favorable answer of yes regarding getting a great deal that could help boost their career. The question was more linked to whether there was a reasonable balance between the effort that workers were putting in and what they ended up with.

As per the results, the returns are great but fell below the expectations seen last year which happened to be 69%. But we do have to mention that the poll from 2023 was shut before the company revealed that it would pause raises and eliminate bonuses as well as stock awards.

We know that this poll is deemed to be a pivotal one for the firm because it’s one leading way by which Microsoft judges what sentiments its workers feel regarding the balance of work life and the compensation that they are attaining at the end.

Two years back, the response received from the employees’ end was so poor that the software giant had to make major changes including serious pay raises throughout the company so that it could halt its workers from being hired by other archrivals in the industry, thanks to the lucrative deals on offer by the likes of Amazon.

Remember, nothing can be worse for any firm than the growing desertification seen from those you employ and Microsoft says it really does take such matters seriously, and rightly so.

After that major news, we saw the economy enter a cool-down phase but still, some were not happy and felt underwhelmed.

Hence, 2022 ended up with a lot of layoffs not only at Microsoft but other tech giants of the industry. By the year 2023, the firm put an end to salary increments and reduced budgets for shares and bonuses respectively.

Still, Microsoft says it does have major plans to restart on that front and ensure raises based on performance for deserving workers continue as another incentive to stick around and perform to the best of their capabilities.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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