Meta Rolls Out Exciting New Changes For Threads Including A Fediverse Integration With Other Apps

The popular Threads app will now give users the chance to like and see responses to posts published through the app which can accessed by other federated social media apps.

The announcement came this week when the company confirmed how that was not possible before. For instance, if you added a post to Threads that was linked to another app like Mastodon, you couldn’t see the reply on that while still being logged into the Threads platform.

For that to happen, users would log in and out between different apps to stay updated on what responses were being generated. But this new upgrade is making things better. Meta confirmed how the feature is coming soon so we do hope to see it arriving sooner than later in the future.

Mark Zuckerberg also mentioned how the latest integration would be up for grabs in more than 100 nations so it’s a major expansion from before when it was only available to those based in Japan, Canada, and the US.
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The tech giant has been extremely vocal about all of this in the past and how it wishes to combine the decentralized networking protocol since the rollout of Threads, nearly one year back with the first array of tests rolled out in December.

In other news, we know more about how the app is working on rolling out temporary posts that will not last forever after getting published across the profile.

The news comes to us thanks to mobile app expert Alessandro Paluzzi who mentioned details about this upcoming feature, thanks to his reverse engineering skills.

He shared screenshots across the X app hinting more about how the Threads temporary posts endeavor might appear when working in action. These posts shared with this feature would get deleted through automated means in just one day, alongside any comments made by users on the post.

So we can see how it might be similar in action to the way Stories works on the app.

Right now, stories posted across the app would stay live for one day before getting deleted and archived on the profile. We already heard from Instagram’s head how he was rolling out tests to archive posts through the Threads app after a certain period, either through manual or automated means.

For now, it’s just too soon in terms of determining if the Threads app will enable users to archive posts published temporarily on its app so that users attain access to it later on.

We also know more about how the Meta-owned app hopes to copy another feature from X. This might come in the form of a new Media tab that pops up across the user’s profile along with Threads, Replies, and Reposts. As per Paluzzi, the option dubbed Media tab is present on the Threads profile page so that all pictures and videos from the user are displayed for users to access easily.

We can see how Meta is really trying to do everything it can to try and get more people to actively use the Threads app. Remember, Threads was once deemed to be the spinoff of Instagram, boasting close to 150 million monthly users working actively. Today, it’s got more new features that keep attracting the masses including revamped desktop interface, and options for post controls, not to mention safeguards like those filtering offensive terms.

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