How Much Money Tech Companies Will Lose Without the Internet?

We have all been deeply fascinated and curious about how much money Elon’s Tesla makes or what Facebook makes. But have you ever wondered how much these giant enterprises would lose without the internet? Well, if not, here's the break down of the money these companies will lose with no internet.


On the top of our list, we have Amazon, the world's biggest E-commerce company with a yearly revenue of $574.8 billion and 310 million users, which would face a $584,836 loss every minute without the internet. Additionally, the cost for the internet breakage per hour will be $65,614,155, and for an entire day, it will sum up to $1,574,739,726.


The parent company of Google, Alphabet, with a multi-billion dollar tech business and network connecting the entire world, would also face devastating loss due to internet breakdown. A min outrage will result in $584,836, an hour will cost $35,090,183, while an entire day of internet breakdown will severely affect this cooperation with financial damage of $842,164,384.

Meta (Facebook)

Making third in place is the world’s renowned social network platform Facebook now known as Meta, which has an annual revenue of $142,710,000,000. One One-minute internet breakdown will cost $271,518, one hour will result in $16,291,096, and one whole day without the internet will be as hefty as $390,986,301.

Jingdong Mall

The fourth place is Jingdong Mall, which is the largest revenue-producing tech company in China, with an accumulation of $152.9 billion per year. Jingdong Mall, similar to Amazon, heavily depends on the internet as a single minute of outrage will cost the company $290,982, $17,458,904 an hour, and $419,013,699 per day.


Uber is the biggest and most popular commute app, allowing people to easily travel from one place to another. One of Uber's biggest strengths among its competitors is its swift customer support, which solves the problems of its users within minutes. Therefore, the company can’t even fathom its success without the internet. With a yearly revenue of $37,280,000,000, Uber will lose $70,928 for a single minute without no internet, $4,255,708 for one hour,, and $102,136,986 for an entire day.


Netflix being the world's biggest movie and TV show streaming platform with an annual revenue of $34,930,000,000, will suffer tremendously due to an internet outrage since the entire platform is dependent upon server streaming which makes the internet availability an essential component of the business. Just one minute of outrage will cost Netflix $66,457. In contrast, one hour and one day will result in $3,987,443 and $95,698,630 respectively.


PayPal is a world-renowned international banking transaction system that allows people to send and receive payments from one region to another without hurdles or financial regulatory barriers, with an annual revenue of $29,770,000,000. PayPal without internet for an hour will sink $3,398,402, and for an entire day, this amount will sum up to $81,561,644.


The world's largest music and podcast streaming app, Spotify, will suffer immensely if it loses its connectivity to the internet, with a yearly revenue of $14,980,000,000. With no internet for one hour, Spotify will lose $1,710,046, and one day, it will be a financial wreck of $41,041,096.

Economic Fallout: High-Stakes Scenarios for Tech Giants in Internet Blackouts

There you have it, readers, a detailed overview of the financial cooperative loss if the internet goes offline, making us understand the great value of the connectivity and communication for our individual lives and for our local and global businesses.

Internet CompanyAnnual RevenueThe Cost Of A 1-Minute OutageThe Cost Of A 1-Hour OutageThe Cost Of A 24-Hour Outage
Alphabet (Google)$307,390,000,000$584,836$35,090,183$842,164,384
Jingdong Mall$152,940,000,000290,982$17,458,904$419,013,699
Meta Platforms (Facebook)$142,710,000,000271,518$16,291,096$390,986,301
Booking Holdings21,360,000,00040,639$2,438,356$58,520,548
Kuaishou Technology16,000,000,00030,441$1,826,484$43,835,616

Research courtesy of Cloudzero.

The methodology employed involved identifying the world's most connected countries and the top 20 internet companies by revenue. Using NetBlocks data and specific formulas, the financial impact of internet shutdowns across various timeframes was calculated. All figures are accurate as of May 1, 2024.

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