Google Could Soon Introduce ‘Life Like’ Character Chatbots On YouTube For A More Wholesome Experience

Search engine giant Google is working hard with its Labs team to curate customizable chatbots that have more character and personality.

The goal is to introduce products that emulate famous personalities that users can better relate to for a wholesome experience.

As per reports coming to us from The Information, the company is working on a product that’s designed to carry out conversations with users. They could model your favorite influencer or celeb or anyone that you adore. All that needs to be done is specify the appearance and the character in detail and voila, what you end up with is a customizable chatbot like no other.

If that’s not enough, the company is also said to establish partnerships with other influencers to develop chatbots based on who they are. And it’s a project that could come into play as early as this year.

We feel it’s quite well-suited for the company and the fact that you can converse with it means it could be a great LLM endeavor that Google is always trying to promote on its platforms.

When we look at the future, the project might soon be a part of its popular video-sharing platform YouTube too and that is something that could give rise to the most comparable experience of them all when you look at other apps from Meta like Instagram. But we have to add that the demand from users has not been too great in that regard so far.

As far as logistics are concerned, Google needs the best mobile experience which users could benefit from and engage with easily via the likes of these chatbots. We know Google Messages might not be the best option and would look odd but a PWA experience might be the outcome.

In case you’re wondering, this latest rollout is quite different from the company’s Gems which is another term reserved for a customized variant of its Gemini chatbot. The latter is reserved for certain needs. As mentioned at this year’s tech conference in May, the feature would come into existence in the next few months.

You might use it as your yoga coach your tutor or even your cooking expert to better your daily life experiences.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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