Facebook Is Making Significant Changes Keeping Young Adults In Mind, Meta Confirms

Facebook has been around for two decades now and that’s a long time when you think of a social network.

Over the years, we’ve seen one trend that just never seems to fade out. And that’s the company’s popularity amongst young adults. This might be one of the main reasons why the firm just announced how it is shifting focus to better appeal to the youth.

The company just rolled out a new update that explains how the platform is certainly for everyone but its future certainly lies with the youth. This is why a host of changes are being developed keeping the younger lot in mind.

The latest reorientation is not something shocking as it’s a true reflection of where it sees itself in the future and how it wishes to ensure the next generation can benefit the most.

For years, we’ve seen the tech giant’s executives do everything in their power to win over youngsters so that it could compete with its biggest arch rival which happens to be TikTok.

Three years back, Mark Zuckerberg said he wished to make the famous firm similar to the works of ‘North Star’. Both Alison and Zuckerberg were in the talks about this app and how it was focused on an algorithm whose feed was more aligned with discovery as compared to a user’s connections.

Now that vision is slowly and surely picking up the pace, The organization’s AI advancements are plenty and they’re improving as time goes by. Both Reels and Feed are rolling out advanced recommendations that have come into place after close and careful analysis.

Private sharing amongst so many users continues to be rising and more and more people share videos. While there is no update on how it wishes to get the video back on track, that might also be another possibility.

But what happened to the metaverse? It was alarming to see how the recent update by Meta on Facebook failed to mention the futuristic ideology. Zuckerberg saw this as the leading product capability enabled by the likes of AI which is the main goal at the end. It would help in attracting more young minds.

Looks like most metaverse initiatives are being rebranded as projects enabled through AI which makes more sense.

For now, it’s not quite clear what success Facebook’s parent firm would get in terms of winning over the youth with these changes. But Facebook feels five-quarters of its healthy growing population is made up of young minds located in the American and Canadian regions.

Today, the daily active user count has hit the 40 million target and it’s still quite small when you consider there are close to 205 million DAU across the US alone who use Facebook religiously. Mind you, such stats are linked to February. So we assume that the count has grown over the months.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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