Concerns Over AI Dangers Mount As Former And Current OpenAI Employees Issue Warning In New Letter

A new open letter is making the rounds that speaks about the serious concerns linked to the world of AI and the dangers it poses for humanity.

The letter curated by former and current OpenAI workers highlighted the AI industry and its rapid boom with little to no oversight.

The fact that no safeguards are in place for accurate protection is another leading concern as discussions were made about the financial incentives the industry brings forth that have leading tech giants embroiled in making the right decision.

This also delineated how financial gains might be another reason why no whistleblower is making the attempt to speak up about the lack of protections that are risking the human race.

Avoiding effective regulations due to strong financial benefits is the goal right now, the letter boldly worded and that is putting the world at the center of an AI arms race, it continued.

In case you’re wondering, the market is expected to hit $1 trillion in revenue in the next ten years while firm try their best to get ahead of others in the competitive race.

For now, employees claim they don’t have accurate or enough data on what the technology is capable of doing but seeing so many tech giants turn a blind eye to this and prevent the right safety measures from coming into play is devastating.

They also spoke about how there is a serious risk possessed by such technology and only those possessing weak obligations are on the rise. They are not detailing accurate matters with governmental agencies nor are they working closely with top watchdogs, making the situation a very serious issue to begin with.

In the same way, we saw the letter add how the concerns are serious and that effective monitoring is the only way out, or else accountability must be taken by firms engaged in the reckless behavior.

A long list of confidential agreements end up blocking people from speaking up, the letter continued, while any whistleblower protections are not sufficient since they’re not focusing on unlawful behavior that puts thousands at risk.

The letter further adds how AI firms need to do the right thing and that includes avoiding non-disparagement documents. They also need to enable workers at these top firms to voice their concerns on the matter and the board to take into consideration what others are saying.

It would also be great for a culture to exist that supports criticism without widespread retaliation.

Four anonymous workers from OpenAI and seven previous ones put out their signatures on this front. They endorsed it as did other leading AI scientists in the field who have spoken about the alarming effects of AI for a while now.

Meanwhile, one rep from OpenAI just gave out an interview on this front including how the debate is valid and how the pace at which AI is progressing warrants adequate regulations.

While OpenAI does have its own security committed featuring board members and leaders of the tech giant, more needs to be done in this regard.

For now, one of OpenAI’s top partners, Microsoft, refused to comment on the subject. But as one can imagine, it’s a growing and controversial moment for OpenAI.

Last month, the company backtracked on several controversial decisions including one to make ex-employees select keeping vested shares in the firm and signing non-disparagement documents.

But OpenAI argued how they were altering their language to better portray how it feels on this subject and ensure better reflection of its values.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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