Top AI-Powered Text-to-Speech Convertors for Voice Overs

Generating speech from text prompt has not been easier than it is today after the rapid growth of artificial intelligence, providing not only the conversion of a text to a speech, but also employing a variety in tone, gender and pitch.

Now finding the right human to do a voice over for a video is no longer tedious job. Many software companies provide A.I. tools to generate artificial speeches; these tools also provide this service in more than one language and in the voice of several personalities to prove their authenticity.

The following are the best A.I. text-to-speech converters in 2024:


Elevenlabs converts any text into natural speech. It provides a convenient and user-friendly interface, making it easier to use. The quality of voices is human-like, and the service is available in many languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi and more.


The tool employs over 2,000 voices and provides the service in more than 75 languages. It creates human-like voice overs and script based videos. You can create all types of videos, from YouTube videos to Tiktok.

Fliki has an additional feature: it converts text into speech as well as text into videos.


Murf provides users with a variety of dialects and voices to choose from. It employs 15 languages and more than 100 voices, and allows you to choose tone and accent.

With a built-in video editor, the tool enables users to generate A.I. videos with voice overs. Additionally, you can change the pronunciation and add pauses as per your preference.

It has been used by educators, podcasters and business leaders due to its quality and user-friendly interface.


The tool provides the service in more than 50 emotions, 500 voices and 100 languages; the inclusion of people speaking different dialects, of different ages, color and areas allows users to pick pitch and tone of their liking.

The tool has been employed by the gaming industry, banking and entertainment due to its voice quality and variety. Its newly launched Genny, A.I. voice generator, converts text to speech as well as edits videos.

Most importantly, Lovo is convenient to use for everyone.


Speechify enables users to convert text from pdfs, google docs, emails or general articles into voice. It provides the service in more than 15 languages and employs 30+ voices. The voices of some famous personalities are also included in its database for entertaining voice overs.

WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs offers over 50 voices with a variation in tone, style and accent to its users. It also provides users with the Pronunciation Library to edit how you would like your text to be narrated. The tool’s generative voice is indistinguishable from humans. generates human-like A.I. generated voices and offers them as MP3 or WAV files. You can also make changes to its styles and pronunciation afterwards. The tool offers over 570 voices to its users.


Resemble can convert texts into more than 40 different voices, also imbuing emotions with words, making voices more human-like. The tool employs advanced voice modulation for contextual narration and custom A.I. voice cloning for accuracy.

It is highly recommendable for people visually impaired.


Synthesys employs text-to-speech and text-to-video technology to create A.I. generated speeches and videos with real-life emotions. It offers 24 female and 35 male voices of variation to users.

Synthesys is widely used for commercial purposes in podcasts, T.V. commercials and social media.


ElevenLabs, Lovo, and Speechify are more convenient to use than the others due to their slightly better interface. Speechify also offers voices of famous personalities, making voice over more intriguing. Lovo stands out from the rest due to offering the service in more than 100 languages, better than Speechify, offering the service only in 15 languages, and ElevenLabs.

The same is the case with Fliki and Murf, offering the service in more than 75 languages and 15 languages respectively, although both offer text-to-video conversion.

WellSaid Labs has only 50 voices to offer, making it less attractive than the ones mentioned above. Deepbrain A.I. has one advantage: it can convert a text into more than 80 languages. But both do not offer a simple trial to visitors, as offered by others. has a huge voice database, offering more than 570 different voices. Contrary to it, Resemble offers only over 40 A.I. voices, far behind most of the tools.

The last one, Synthesys, has only over 60 A.I. voices. However, it boasts a nifty user-friendly interface, along with trial/testing of voices before you sign up.

Text-to-speech and text-to-video technology is trending in today’s world. This feature save precious time of users and make them independent. Moreover, the variation in tone, style, dialect and accent that they offer is too difficult to be found under the same roof without the tools, making them indispensable.

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