AI is Getting Popular Among Teachers and Students at an Exponential Rate

The forthcoming AI revolution has left a lot of people with mixed feelings, as many see it as a positive thing that's gonna optimize the living standards and productive outputs of people who are trying to find a steady pace in this ultra-fast moving life.

On the other hand, a large majority of the population is against the dawn of AI because of the common fear of being replaced by machines in intellect and physical labor, giving the fear that many people will be left unemployed and lost in the world without any work to do since everything will be done in super-intelligent machines. If you really think about it and if AI really achieves AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), then we humans will be nothing more than a 60-year-old drunk man wasted at a bar, waiting for his time to come.

But despite that, so far, AI is being loved and adored, particularly by teachers and students all over the US. As per a poll conducted by the Walton Family Foundation Impact Research along with the Learning Engineering Virtual Institute AI lab, it was found that over the last year, the popularity and familiarity of OpenAI among teachers grew from 55% to 79%. The utilization of Open AI at least once a week was 48% among students and 46% among teachers, with a growth of 27% in the use of OpenAI in students since last year.

For a more promising perspective, 75% of the students and 68% of the parents see the use of AI chatbots as a positive and helpful thing, making the professor at UPenn, Ethan Mollick, say that the response is way more positive than he ever expected.

As per the Impact Research poll, 12% of the teachers use AI at school almost every day, while 24% use it a few times a week. Similarly, 13% of K-12 students use AI every day, while 29% use it a few times a week. Although AI bots seem very popular among education seekers and givers for a positive reason, they come with a cost, too, which is cheating, thus preventing self-growth. The statistics also show that 56% of K-12 students get their essays and assignments done by those who use AI tools, and 52% of them use it for quizzes and tests.

How AI is Reshaping Education and What It Means for the Future

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