59% of Marketers Report New Business Opportunities from Content Marketing

A new survey by top digital marketing agency Ignite Visibility is shedding light on a study featuring 206 marketing experts. The research delineated an enhanced look into how the landscape has evolved and what 2024 has to offer.

We thought it would be interesting to highlight the study’s key findings including what SEO strategies are in place. So let’s take a look!

For starters, there is enhanced spending on SEO. A whopping 82% of all marketers hope to include more SEO spending into their budgets in 2024 and content marketing would get the highest share of them all.

Secondly, Google rolled out a useful update last year in September that assisted more than 50% of all marketers, giving a rise from 43% seen in 2023. Such updates are designed to emphasize the increased quality and user-centered content seen online.

Next, 59% of all markets responded in the study about how their content marketing is giving rise to new business opportunities and therefore underscores the direct relation between the growth of a firm with great content quality.

Several respondents taking part in this survey measured content quality and concluded how user experience goes a long way on this front and works to make search rankings so much better. This is why good quality content is required for progression.

But at the same time, it’s shocking to see how 68% of all marketers no longer feel threatened by AI or the world of machine learning. They are content in terms of threats aimed at SEO directly which signals major progress.

Lastly, the biggest challenge in this landscape seems to be giving rise to great content, and by that, we mean content of good quality. Around 21% of all marketers have emphasized how there is a dire need for great experts in this domain and the right resources to attain success.

Such research is clear proof of how there is a great need to make more investments in the world of SEO including content quality and video to allow for growth. The search landscape does seem to be shifting for the better and it wouldn’t be wrong to add how things keep getting more and more competitive as we speak.

With the rate at which factors evolve today, it’s important to be ahead of the game and that requires more investments from businesses on this channel instead of taking a step back. Only when and if marketers choose to embrace this, we can expect the right results to follow through.

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