51% of Brits Concerned About Paywall Restrictions, Survey Reveals

A new study from The Trade Desk conducted by Appinio reveals that UK consumers, just like Americans, do not like paywalls. Many websites have started using paywalls where they only give complete access to the content to paid subscribers, while the non-subscribers get limited access or no access at all. 51% of the respondents from the UK say that they are afraid that they are not going to access their favorite websites and apps in the near future because of paywalls and subscriptions.

Upon asking about usage of free content on websites, 65% of the consumers said that they only read news or current affairs content for freebies while 77% of them said that they immediately find the free content when they open a website and are greeted by a paywall. According to the study, 88% of the UK consumers want all the free content and they are not worried about breaking the rules to consume it. 34% of them admitted that they use means that make them access websites and their content even behind a paywall.

On the contrary, 87% are up for paying for content with their data, while 26% out of them say that they will pay if they are under control of their data. 27% of the UK consumers are ready to pay with their data if their privacy is protected and they cannot be identified. As an alternative to paywalls, UK consumers are willing to see ads if they are beneficial to brands, publishers and consumers. But many websites are not in favor of this offer.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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