X Finalizes Its Rebranding By Bidding Farewell To Its Old Domain Name

Elon Musk has finalized the rebranding of his popular social media app X by changing its old domain name. That means bidding farewell to Twitter.com and saying hello to X.com.

The news comes after a long period of transition that arose under tech billionaire Elon Musk who has been engaging in a massive branding overhaul that seemingly came to a stop with this decision.

It was confirmed on Friday when the change was seen going live during the early hours of the morning.

At that point, users had been notified of the details to be mindful of after they landed on the page of the site through a web browser.

At the bottom, a welcome sign to X.com was revealed in the form of a banner and a word on how the URL would be different from now. But that does not mean user privacy and data protection would be different by any means. The setting in this regard would be the same, it added while a link was even provided to reassure users regarding the privacy policy.

Before the massive name push, we saw Twitter.com be used everywhere whenever you wished to enter the site. Hence, the latest change is going to impact those mainly who loved the old Twitter remnants and felt more comfortable with old details than this latest one.

Remember, branding is never easy but with the latest change, we are going to see it come into effect immediately. Now, when you do land on the webpage, you get redirected at that point in time, no matter which browser you make use of.

As per some recent reports, some users spoke about how the change is not working for them just yet, but the company did reveal how it was coming into play right now and is getting rolled out as we speak.

Elon Musk was also quick to add through a post generated through his social media account that X.com is live and that all should be made aware of the latest transition.

We must agree that this is a major change to impact Twitter other than the huge logo revamp which many have been accustomed to loving for years on Twitter. Musk purchased the app back in the year 2022 for a staggering value of $44.

Now what is the feedback from users on this front? Are they loving it or not?

Well, many are already speaking about how they do not love the latest domain name change and hence expressed how they would much rather still stick to the term Twitter.

But the interest of Elon Musk in X.com is not something that has been in the works just now. It really does go back to the initial period of the web when we saw the company’s real tech owners establish the platform in 1999. At the time, people were in love with Twitter and its URL with some referring to it as one of the coolest terms online to date.

Archives from the past reveal how Musk’s decision to have X lead the way under his ownership is something that was always a plan. He tried to get people to know that X was his signature and while there were no plans at the moment, he was secretly doing a lot under covers and just brushed off rumors on how X holds great sentimental value for him.

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