Which Country Leads in Remittance Outflows? Discover the Top Contributors in Global Money Transfers

In 2022, the United States led the world in the amount of money sent by workers living abroad. Workers in the US sent over $80 billion in remittances, making it the country with the highest outflow of such funds. Following the US, Saudi Arabia, with its significant migrant workforce, sent nearly $40 billion.

Other countries also contributed sizable amounts in remittances. Switzerland and China were next, sending $33.6 billion and $18.3 billion, respectively. Close behind, Canada sent approximately $17.7 billion, while Kuwait's remittances stood at $17.1 billion. Germany and Luxembourg followed, with remittances of $16.2 billion and $15.4 billion, respectively.

The Netherlands and France also made it to the top 10 list, sending $15.3 billion and $12.3 billion, respectively. Notably, the United Arab Emirates, a significant player in remittance flows in previous years, was not included in the 2022 data due to a lack of updated information.
These figures, sourced from the World Bank, highlight the crucial role remittances play in the global economy, particularly in the financial support they provide to families and communities in the workers' home countries.

The data reflects not only the economic activities of expatriates but also the interconnected nature of the world's economies. As the demand for labor mobility continues, the flow of remittances is likely to remain a key aspect of international finance, supporting millions of households worldwide.
Exploring the top countries in global remittance and their influence on money transfers.

Global Remittance Leaders (2022)Amount (in USD)
United States81.6 billion
Saudi Arabia39.3 billion
Switzerland33.6 billion
China18.3 billion
Kuwait17.7 billion
Germany17.1 billion
Luxembourg16.2 billion
Netherlands15.4 billion
France15.3 billion
Qatar12.3 billion

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